Demo 2016

by Cast In Blood

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CT Hate Records


released March 17, 2016



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Cast In Blood Connecticut

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Track Name: Hand Of Death
Break your face down softy , my light is filled with dark. Both sides underscore me, graves dug leave holy marks. These days smiles are cancer, I'm bending light with bones. These hands want your throat now, no mail or telephones. Her words still within me, like plagues unto my soul. This blade twisting gently, 3 bodies in the hole. I'm waiting for your death. My arms around your neck. We follow filth at night, these scents are friends of ours. With rust the eggs are swollen, convicts ascend through bars. Fair fights are all you show me , yet you've the tricks of gods. Fair fights are all you've shown me, I watch, you're on the nod. And in the end I'll devour you, your empty words are this cages bars. In other times you were powerful, but now my spine has wings at large. As I ascend through the mirrors tiers, we shed blood for the Solomon rite. This blade is black with your precious fears, your God has stabbed your fucking back tonight. Lies of your savior's eyes. Eyes these lies won't save you now. Don't tempt me, my heart is siding with the devil tonight. And now I'm empty, your perfect smile could never justify. All the words that deceived this heart, I will not rest until your ripped apart. The rolling hills of my dead end dreams. You're waking nightmare is your destiny. Die free.
Track Name: 10.26.4004
Cables wrapped so tightly around your purpose. Bleeding. No room for fault. Must make amends for your prominence broken. All your life you have fallen. Down. Your seasons end innate from humanity. Crippled by conviction, foolish aberrations of your ambitions. Contrived answers forced into doctrine before they are certain. Forged with your sanction. Your glory lost. Remembered as a fool. Still falling. Your glory lost. Remembered as a fool. Still falling
Track Name: We Are Everywhere
These days are blood unborn, my face is wrought with hatred. Your paper makes us kill. Our scrolls are long gone wasted. Too many in the gutter go. Head, heels, hanged man, we know. This is for the times you've lied. This is for my wasted life. Crucify the fear that freezes. Souls can't breathe on leashes. So take it back for the mud-God , years die like the seeds you grow, and I follow the stench, I am a thief in the night. I erase your falling force. Cut deep like the axe brought forth. I run to take your side. I'll kill for you, protect this night,
Track Name: Bennane Head Cave
A long way to nowhere. Shorter than the life that was. When sunsets were golden. And now we're spinning inside the blackest star. Dead beach blasts over hills, my feet bleeding just to see your face. Sirens that call from the wasteland, fiending just to burn your cells. Wings of the old foes shutter lightly, I'm a god, don't bring me down. Creators of the codes, I applaud thee. Re-bleed the temples. I've waited for these words. The sun will rise in blood. A future where man could've had a history unchanged by enemies. Your fear stinks. Undead but stressed, consumed within your emptiness, my hands bring fire to your world. Life is as ugly as I dreamed it'd be. Life is as perfect as I knew it'd be, the godhead inside of me. Every empty promise, every casualty, inside a stolen book of lies. You have invaded my mortality, this aethyr lives after it dies. This soul is more than just a strong body. This light won't let you leave alive. Let me breathe. This beast with whom identifies the hottest of the cold, on stone floors gasping for their lives, these offerings you hold. You've sold my ancestors a lie, you've murdered your own dignity. The Spark hits the wall then flies, the amber was bright light. This desert is my abyss, wherein the universe lies. The stars are but thistles in waste. One spot in a world of bliss. I've felt this fight screaming in you. Behind that disguise in your eyes. My hate of submission renewed, when you asked me to bow at your feet. A moth to his star. So saved the fool from wondering to whom his chain was tied. A fatal breath of questioning, the answers kept inside. This desert is my abyss, I'm burying every regret. Guts filled with emptiness, I've tasted the truth of the gods. These days, these dreams, these dead. Undeveloped like winds gone awry. My heart won't let you turn back. We burn all the hope we can find. I set fire to your useless words of hope. In the end you've let me down each time. Each bullet leaving a trace. To a being with no heart no spine, just a mirror for his face. And over fences, we will fly through yards protecting what we love. My answer held in my two arms, for the foolish drop their guns. Life. Is what you need it to be. So fucking cry, and reveal your weakness endlessly. I've found the numbers to bring you down. 33 black teeth, garlic in the ground, the dirt is what you'll breathe. And I'll live through all your misery. This mountain is where you lost faith. The climb was too much for your pride. You're weaker without your mistakes. Real men learn and grow. Mud caking , you will play it safe. And I drink in the risk. In my world it's always the same. Chaos is our bliss.