Consumed to Ashes

by Cast In Blood

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released January 17, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Dexter's Lab - Nick Bellmore



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Cast In Blood Connecticut

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Track Name: Kill for Laylah
Even alone, I walk with you. I'd kill for Laylah. Two hands at twelve, this blood full moon, you breed all and nothing in one. God damned this wretch to walk with the cattle of this disease, I've got your mind controlled. I've got a black book of pacts for those who fuck with me, another talisman. We force confessions, machinations unbelieved, you will believe it now. Last dayz we live mindless , for those that gave strength to me, we're running through the streets. The gate turned on the first night, while you were waiting for a miracle. Our bloods lay waste to rites. It grows in shackles. This blade is the beasts eye. One horn Horus is the Sun. In forever we watch you die. Long may you run. I'm gonna take a piece of every single mortal from the profane to the secrecy. Spines hold dead snakes, cum life, I will use what was given to me. To dismantle conditions causing my souls decay. Dead living creatures of the apocalypse armed by Gods. The gate turned on the first night , while you were waiting for a miracle. I stuck in the earth to fight. You bowed ,you coward. Your will for which you came to earth, you forfeit so blind and bold. 2 crows, raven's mist ignites. 9 days of murder. Our voice can command the seas. You wallow on your knees. This chamber is the killing floor. And your death is the only door. I couldn't wait for a chance to burn, I'll see you there. Bleeding out on a checkered floor, I'll see you there , bleeding out on a checkered floor, you coward.
Track Name: Illuminate Thine Eye
Outshine the only way you can, scream fool's blood into the wind. Sit with your back straight til you drop dead, I've died 4 times and I'm still kicking. Strange things are beautiful to me, inverted crosses made of corpses singing. I'm exhaust in the wake of the demon's scythe , your world is vanishing!!! Let philosophies flourish or be demolished. Cesspool autopsies in junkyards, bones of knowledge. Gas cans line your kidneys, faces are commodities. You will breathe this city dying slowly on your knees. Cry, the engines are bleeding now. We were runaways , one of these days I'm gonna take your head. Die. You're lifeless unexpectedly , blades penetrate. Poison black space, into the starless night. Even the gods, deserve their pain. Not gods, not Giants, just men, we evaporate again and again. Black rain cuts deep, vile vanities. Fixed games, an 8 ball to your teeth. This theater reeks of weak. We toast to the unfit wolves among sheep. 33 memories of the beast crestfallen. In a ditch , running red, because I can't resist. Destiny shown to me by the sirens calling, you taught me to kill first, remember me! This is the Angel you cast out. 18 unseen ,undetected maulings , teeth swimming in the black, on the pavement crawling , this moment is the trigger for the graceful death blow , waiting for the death blow. For 100 years. Break, I will break these chains tonight. We were runaways , a flightless bird within the kingdom of hell, another savior has gone cold. Break this reason, and the law is the bond of all. They hallucinate. Illuminate Thine Eye.
Track Name: Armed and Crowned (Feat. Jon Lhaubouet)
Adeptus major, a mighty warrior armed and crowned. Adeptus minor , a king , a crucified god. This house of glory , a dead body in a pool of pearls. This broken paradise. A dead shadow of the red and gold. This day finds hate. They live while we just sleep. Misread mistakes. Blue blood on olive leaves, I'll break your knees. My eyes hold the fire of life. This pale horse flees , a lions head in the soldiers hands. I grow tired. Enduring these fools. This blood runs higher. As autumn's dead fall. I grow tired building these walls, but your world is poison, and through screams she calls," Catharsis poisoned by your lies. You fear the strength that we possess. This meaningless synthetic life. My hammer caves in falsehood's chest. Among the ravens drenched in snow , our legacy is written well. Beneath these roots our hatred grows. Hold down the ground on which you fell.
Track Name: Sun of God (Feat. Darrel Tauro)
Breathless, you bleed. We're watching. I erase your falling force. This is the only place that you will still remember when your soul is gone. Amnesia cycles in the marrow of your bones. I am the sun of God and sun of the dog. Pick your head up. Uninfected although quite diseased, lives drip from cups. Sparse, sparse dreams. Unbearable. And that's the price I pay for believing in the forces of truth. They dropped your ghost in the river tonight and made a pact on the secret roof. 3 enemies become the sweat that drips from the buck's disease. This circle will protect the priest if he cuts deep, on his knees. In a way we came from caves. Rewritten history makes us slaves. Gold streets through the heavens paved, it's a fantasy. Deeper still is my energy. Your essence will be my meat. Far above your false cracked egg, we annihilate. Spines shatter underneath the words. Effervesce through the fear of the herd. I will become Asmodeus underneath the euphoric clouds, this passage reads itself. Blank slates are filled with alphabets the profane lives without. Ignorance is bliss. I erase your falling force. I see the pistol in cloaked hand. Jehovah's blood sprays the heavens tonight. These laughable dreams that you hold, are the catalyst of your demise.
Track Name: Bennane Head Cave
A long way to nowhere. Shorter than the life that was. When sunsets were golden. And now we're spinning inside the blackest star. Dead beach blasts over hills, my feet bleeding just to see your face. Sirens that call from the wasteland, fiending just to burn your cells. Wings of the old foes shutter lightly, I'm a god, don't bring me down. Creators of the codes, I applaud thee. Re-bleed the temples. I've waited for these words. The sun will rise in blood. A future where man could've had a history unchanged by enemies. Your fear stinks. Undead but stressed, consumed within your emptiness, my hands bring fire to your world. Life is as ugly as I dreamed it'd be. Life is as perfect as I knew it'd be, the godhead inside of me. Every empty promise, every casualty, inside a stolen book of lies. You have invaded my mortality, this aethyr lives after it dies. This soul is more than just a strong body. This light won't let you leave alive. Let me breathe. This beast with whom identifies the hottest of the cold, on stone floors gasping for their lives, these offerings you hold. You've sold my ancestors a lie, you've murdered your own dignity. The Spark hits the wall then flies, the amber was bright light. This desert is my abyss, wherein the universe lies. The stars are but thistles in waste. One spot in a world of bliss. I've felt this fight screaming in you. Behind that disguise in your eyes. My hate of submission renewed, when you asked me to bow at your feet. A moth to his star. So saved the fool from wondering to whom his chain was tied. A fatal breath of questioning, the answers kept inside. This desert is my abyss, I'm burying every regret. Guts filled with emptiness, I've tasted the truth of the gods. These days, these dreams, these dead. Undeveloped like winds gone awry. My heart won't let you turn back. We burn all the hope we can find. I set fire to your useless words of hope. In the end you've let me down each time. Each bullet leaving a trace. To a being with no heart no spine, just a mirror for his face. And over fences, we will fly through yards protecting what we love. My answer held in my two arms, for the foolish drop their guns. Life. Is what you need it to be. So fucking cry, and reveal your weakness endlessly. I've found the numbers to bring you down. 33 black teeth, garlic in the ground, the dirt is what you'll breathe. And I'll live through all your misery. This mountain is where you lost faith. The climb was too much for your pride. You're weaker without your mistakes. Real men learn and grow. Mud caking , you will play it safe. And I drink in the risk. In my world it's always the same. Chaos is our bliss.
Track Name: Our Kind Survives (Feat. Jeremy Lifeless)
My back breaks! Ashes consumed in hell. The innocence that you sell. A stolen dream that could never be. False hope is the enemy inside of me. I will gouge your eyes and never look back. break bread with the fallen angel. forsaken by this world. clips lock. the snakes head must be liberated. from its body of truth. and be replaced with lies. bleed these lungs. Separate than annihilate. death still comes. raise your head and accept your fate. these hands won't see this world unpunished for my suffering. this cloak hits floors of marbled blood. I am the penitent initiated son. the sun sets at last on the back of Judas. we bleed three into one. this world this life was a tomb of lies. feed these dreams. and you feed your own demise.blood washed clean. another bastard in the fathers eyes. time breaks loose. Saturn rings wrapped around your eye. hope is your noose. so let the feet swing high. I wash in the blood of the traitors our kind survives the secrets lie in the music we take back our fuckin lives. this higher force. It speaks to us. We stand as one. Both sides guarded by death. our souls were left for dead. cast in blood. reborn we war again. cast in blood. this star holds all you need. cast in blood. reclaim your names live fierce die free.
Track Name: The Black Lodge
19 days sober, no hope. Red curtains at the end of my rope. My life is over, exposed, wrapped in plastic at the edge of a moat. Not breathing, life's fleeting, eyes bleeding , your name it Begins and ends the same. Heads caving , cuts wristing , gOd spitting. No gods dwell here ,this is saturn's shame. She has to faces, Both die. Dead love on the edge of a lie. Empty these barrels of lime, this blood changes passage of time. These cold hands feathered , and clawed, another failure in the wreckage of gods. This dirt packs harder, these bars are the reason for the owl's camouflage. Borrowing bodies necessity flawlessly. Misshapen calves and goats with longer tails. I'm not dying for you, if I'm dying ,I'm dying for blood , of these watchers who helped me impale denser forms. We remain fucked for eternity. This atmosphere sheds it's disguise. This memory dies. So when you walk away , as if I have a choice. This fire burns for me. My death and my rebirth. An empty dead embrace. You are a parasite. And blinded by fake love, I was a host to plague. I'm looking for a place to bury the axe. Torn from my own back. I'm drifting in the black substance of despair. I am rejected. I'm falling fast, ripped eyes making streaks on swords. I bet you've never seen your God before. You've no reason to smile, no reason to be.
Track Name: Eyes of Anubis (Feat. Darrel Tauro)
Life separates all into one. Illusion of identity seemed so normal until I died alone. And now etched in a coffin , expressions for eternity. Bodies breaking in this hallucination. Too many plunging this poison axe. And through the madness find a way to be avenged. I stole these words from greater men than me. Unlock your rotting heart. These lies won't save you. I will not become death , not until I see you bleed. You dare call the phantoms of delirium ? Unreal ? They are real enough. To kill a man to ruin a soul. Hills echo back chosen Grimoires. Treachery will save you until you face yourself. Attack from within not from without. I see the eyes of Anubis, to bring us back to hell. Not if I can break these chains and violate your soul. I'll live a little bit longer. To see this dying enemy holds nothing new. I'll live a little bit longer , to drag you down with me.